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Est. 32 years

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North Yorkshire

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At Maxwell Podiatry we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and professional service at a competitive price. Our experienced team can advise and treat a variety of foot and lower leg conditions, from common every-day ailments to more complex problems. With over 30 years experience and an extensive range of treatments available we aim to meet the individual needs of each patient. We provide basic treatments such as our quick and affordable nail cutting service known as 'Simply Nails'. Specifically designed for patients who don't have any health problems or skin, foot or nail conditions. We also carry out more complex procedures such as nail surgery, cryosurgery, dry needling, diabetic assessments, gait analysis and bio-mechanical assessments.


Foot related conditons can cause hip, knee and back pain, and we can carry out an assessment and provide bespoke orthotic devices to help. Our state-of-the-art RS Scan gait analysis software is used along with the Podiatrist's expertise to gain an accurate diagnosis and prescription specific to each patient.


If you experience problems with your feet or lower limbs we should be your first port of call. You do not need a G.P referral and we can even refer you to other Health Professionals if required.


Patients are encouraged to visit our surgery for treatment, however we do provide a Home Visit Service for elderly and disabled patients who are unable to attend.


We provide a service to nursing and residential homes throughout the area. This is essential to maintain good foot health and identify and treat any problems quickly. If treating a large number of patients we offer a discounted rate and a podiatry assistant works with the podiatrist to ensure an efficient service is delivered.


We also have contracts with local companies to provide treatment to employees in the workplace. This is particularly beneficial to those in heavy industry.


Please contact us on 01287 632204 to discuss your requirements and arrange an appointment.


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Paul Maxwell M.Ch.S.

HCPC Registered

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We are now closed for non-urgent appointments. 


   This is to keep you, your family and our staff safe.


   We will NOT be taking any appointments until it is safe to do so.


   If you have a pre-existing appointment we will be telephoning you to re-arrange it.


   We will offer a limited emergency clinic for patients where necessary. If you do have a foot healthcare emergency

   do not come to the practice. Please call us on 01287 632204 so we can advise you further and arrange emergency

   treatment if required.


   If you are offered an emergency appointment at our practice:


        •Do not attend our practice if you have symptoms of Coronavirus (please follow the latest up to date

         Government advice).


        •You must only come into the practice on your own (unless a carer is required).


        •Try to adhere to the appointment time (don’t be late or too early).


        •You will be required to wash your hands with soap and water on arrival.


        •We will endeavour to ensure that you will not meet other patients during your visit.


        •Your podiatrist will remain masked and wear gloves to minimise direct contact throughout the appointment.


        •Contactless payment by credit/debit card is preferred.


    If you are a housebound patient and are offered an emergency home visit:


       •Contact between the podiatrist and other members of your family must be minimised and avoided if possible.

        Preferably isolated to another room.


       •Access to a clean sink and soap will be required.


       •The podiatrist will minimise contact as much as possible and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.



     We advise our patients to take care and follow the latest Government advice.



     Our usual service will resume as soon as is possible.