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    COVID-19 INFORMATION- updated 5 January 2021






     We are doing things differently in order for our staff to socially distance from patients and to

     avoid patients coming into close contact with one another. Rest assured that we have put

     everything in place to keep our staff and patients as safe as possible. Our Podiatrists wear full

     PPE (masks, visors, gloves and aprons) and we have sneeze screens in our reception area

     and surgery.


     Please only attend our surgery if you have an appointment.


    Making an appointment

     Call us on 01287 632204 to arrange an appointment instead of coming into our surgery.    

     This allows us to have as few people as possible in the reception area at one time and avoids      

     people passing each other in the entrance area.


    When attending an appointment:






















Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

  • Do not attend our premises if you have a high temperature or other symptoms of Covid-19. Please telephone us if you are unable to attend.

  • Please wear a face covering when entering our premises (we understand that some of our patients may not be able to). 

  • You must attend your appointment alone unless you require a Carer to be with you.

  • Avoid bringing non-essential items such as bags and coats if possible. 

  • We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment. Patients arriving too early or late may need to wait outside until a member of staff lets you in. 

  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival and wait in a separate room.

  • We will socially distance all patients within the clinic and therefore we will be limited to the number of patients we can treat in a day. 

  • We ask that patients pay by credit or debit card if possible.

Home Visits:

We are still able to provide home visits to our housebound patients. If you have made an appointment for a home visit our Podiatrist will be wearing full PPE on entering your home and following hygiene protocols.

As a healthcare provider we are able to continue to see patients in accordance with Government guidelines. Please read the guidance below in regard to making and attending your appointment.