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Est. 32 years

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If you are a G.P, Nurse Practitioner or Health Care Assistant we can provide private foot health care to your patients. Having been established in private podiatry practice for 31 years we have a wealth of experience in all foot and lower limb conditions. Rest assured we are HCPC registered and are a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.


Your patients will benefit from receiving advice and treatment from a practitioner specialising in this area. Whether it is persistant veruccae, an ingrown toe nail or heel or foot pain we can offer specific advice and formulate a suitable treatment plan. For diabetic patients we can carry out a comprehensive assesment and report the results to you. With the advantage of longer treatments we are able to fully assess and treat the patient accordingly. We can drain infections, remove damaged toe nails and foreign bodies and apply dressings where needed.


Biomechanical assessments are available as well as a bespoke, in-house orthotic service. We provide a range of basic over-the-counter insoles through to custom made orthotics.


As well as treating existing conditions we firmly believe that prevention is the key. Regular assessments are essential to identify not only conditions of the feet and lower limb but can indicate conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. We can carry out a lower limb vascular assessment and diabetic foot assessment.


We are happy to accept referrals from health professionals and you may choose to send a referral letter with the patient.  Alternatively you can simply advise the patient to make an appointment directly with us. We can update you on patient progress and treatment outcomes if required.


An initial consultation is priced at £35.00


Please contact Paul Maxwell on 01287 632204 or send an email to: [email protected]





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