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First appointment:    £40.00

For all new patients and patients who haven’t attended an appointment in the last

3 years. A full consultation and assessment is provided to include treatment and/or advice. Further appointments may be necessary to provide more treatment, as outlined below.


Follow-up appointments:

General treatment   £28.00-£35.00

A general check-up, nail cut and treatment of conditions such as corns, calluses, hard skin, ingrown nails, thick or damaged nails and infections. The fee will depend on the work and time required and can vary with each treatment.


Simply Nails   £15.00

Only for our patients who have no health problems and completely healthy feet, skin and nails and simply require a nail cut every 8 weeks. An initial assessment and treatment with a Podiatrist at £40.00 is required to determine suitability for this service. If you develop any foot and nail conditions you will not be able to have them treated during a Simply Nails appointment. Terms & Conditions apply.


Specialist treatments:

Cryotherapy verruca treatment   £28.00

Freezing of the verucca, which destroys the verruca tissue. Usually a number can be treated in one appointment and you will usually require a course of treatment.

Dry needling verruca treatment   £100.00-£120.00

A relatively new treatment that triggers an immune response that produces antibodies and causes the verruca to naturally deteriorate. Treatment is performed under local anaesthetic. The fee will depend on the number to be treated and usually only one treatment is required.

Nail surgery    1 Nail -£240.00    2 Nails-£260

The removal of a section or complete toenail under local anaesthetic. For damaged deformed or diseased nails that are causing ongoing discomfort and/or infection. Re-dressings are included in the fee.

Biomechanical assessments    £85.00-£100.00

For patients with musculoskeletal foot, heel, leg, hip or back pain. An analysis of the movement of the skeleton and muscles is carried out to determine the cause of pain and plan a suitable form of treatment. You may require a gait scan and be advised to have an orthotic in your footwear, which would incur an additional fee

Diabetic foot assessment   £25.00

Adults with diabetes should have their risk of developing a diabetic foot problem assessed at least annually. This is a comprehensive assessment of the nerves and blood suppy to the feet.  A report can be produced for you, your nurse or G.P with recommendation for further treatment if required.

Lower limb vascular assessment    £20.00

A full assessment of all foot pulses and an Ankle Brachial Pressure Index reading to establish the condition of arteries in the legs. This indicates if a patient has blocked arteries due to peripheral artery disease.


Footwear devices:

Orthotics and insoles   from £12.00

We provide a full range of orthotic products ranging from basic insoles that combine protection, cushioning and deflection of pressure, to complex bespoke orthotics that alter foot function. Many devices are made in-house and alterations can be made if required. We can also copy any existing orthotics you may have, just bring them along.

Silicone toe devices   £2.50

Custom made silicone devices to correct or protect toes.


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